Dharma Life More Than Money

Gaurav Mehta, Founder & CEO, Dharma Life

guarav_mehta_article.jpg“Dharma Life and Shell Foundation have worked closely together to develop and evolve our business model.

In addition to providing financial support, the Shell Foundation team has been instrumental in helping us set-up core IT systems, supply chain management, financial systems, as well as recruiting and mentoring the management team.

With the Foundation’s support we have been able to quickly expand into five states in India and have created a network of over 1500 village level entrepreneurs. With Shell Foundation’s distinctive support and their ‘more than money’ approach we aim to expand into more states and to create 100,000 entrepreneurs by 2020 in India.”

Pradeep Pursnani, Deputy Director, Shell Foundation

“Rural distribution is a major barrier to serving low-income communities and was something we had been struggling with through our work in solar lighting and clean cookstoves across Asia and Africa.

We had been working with a range of partners – NGOs, MFIs, self-help groups – and whilst we made some progress, we really struggled to come up with a model that would be scaleable.

Over the last three years we’ve been working with Dharma Life to build a team and to develop systems to manage a highly complex network of entrepreneurs, regional sales teams and distribution partners in an efficient manner. This has taken time – and we’ve played different roles at an operational, strategic and governance level.”

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