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EMBARQ is a global network of transport experts that accelerate the adoption of sustainable mobility solutions to tackle congestion and pollution in fast-growing cities within developing countries.

z-Defining-SM.jpgThe economic, social and environmental impact of congestion and pollution in cities represents a major obstacle to inclusive development in emerging markets. In 2002, Shell Foundation began a long-term partnership with the World Resources Institute to establish EMBARQ and support the innovation and implementation of new ways to move people around cities more effectively.

EMBARQ’s Model

EMBARQ is a specialist intermediary that supports local city administrators to identify and implement financially-sustainable mobility services that limit negative impacts on society, the environment and the local economy.

City authorities responsible for these services often lack the institutional capacity, finance or technical skills to implement sustainable solutions. EMBARQ provide expertise in engineering, policy, city design, health, environment and finance, acting as independent advisors to help cities overcome these obstacles. They build the capacity of local authorities to diagnose critical mobility problems, design effective solutions and convene stakeholders across government, business and civil society to support their implementation.

EMBARQ establishes regional centres to deliver on-the-ground projects and showcase best practice for sustainable transport and urban development in iconic cities. They focus on financially-viable ways to:

  • Avoid or reduce unnecessary travel by integrating transport systems, factoring mobility into city design and improving cycling and walking infrastructure;
  • Shift ridership to more sustainable modes of transport by enhancing the appeal of mass or shared transit such as improved bus services, bus rapid transit, cycling, car sharing or rickshaws;
  • Improve the safety, fuel efficiency and emissions performance of existing modes by improving road safety, fuel technology and engine efficiency.

Having demonstrated impact across several cities in a country, EMBARQ start focusing on barriers to replication at a national level – providing research, tools and capacity-building support to help city, state and national policy-makers create safer, healthier and more liveable cities.

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