Envirofit Achievements

Envirofit has grown from an initial pilot in southwest India to an international business that works in over 40 countries.

Over two million stoves sold to-date across Africa, Asia and Latin America

They are the stand-out leader of a new market for clean cookstoves, with a large range of efficient biomass-burning products suited for different uses and regions and over a million stoves sold to-date across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

At the heart of Envirofit’s success is a world-class R&D facility in their headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado, which uses detailed customer feedback from the field to design tailored products suitable for regional preferences in fuels and cooking styles. This has allowed them to produce a range of wood and charcoal cookstoves for households, businesses and institutions (such as schools, hospitals and prisons) that people want and can afford. Envirofit provides a five-year warranty on every product sold.

Value Chain Innovation

  Envirofit’s greatest achievement, however, is not in designing a high-quality and affordable product – it’s in getting these products to the people who most need them. Major barriers exist to creating a viable market for cookstoves: there is low awareness of the issue, target customers often live in remote, rural areas that are hard to serve, retailers are reluctant to gamble on unknown consumer durables, and affordability remains an issue for people living on less than $2.50 a day.  
Stove-seller.jpgInnovative partnerships with retailers and distributors at a local and national level, multinational companies such as Unilever and ComCraft (Africa’s largest producer of cookware), public agencies and NGOs have enabled Envirofit to reach customers across the world. Collaborations with microfinance institutions such as Grameen Koota in India have led to new financing options for the poor to enable wider adoption.

Envirofit are continually searching for new ways to lower prices for consumers. In 2012 the business opened its first local assembly plant in Nairobi and simultaneously established a carbon finance programme to generate revenue by trading emissions reductions on the voluntary carbon market.

Progression to scale and sustainability

Today, Envirofit has grown from a small pilot in India with one stove model to an industry-leading company with extenstive distribution networks in place.

Winning-economist-award.jpgEnvirofit’s founders, Nathan Lorenz, Tim Bauer and Bryan Wilson have been widely recognised for their work in catalysing the clean cookstove sector – winning an Economist Innovation Award in 2013 and named as Heroes of the Environment by Time Magazine in 2010.



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