Envirofit More Than Money

Ron Bills, Chairman & CEO, Envirofit

ron_bills_article.jpg“Our partnership with Shell Foundation was founded on the common belief that the success of a social enterprise should be measured on its ability to survive and grow based on standard market mechanisms.

This journey started out as no small challenge – from the outset we were thinking beyond one organisation to catalyse a viable clean cookstove sector on a global scale. Come what may, our partnership has held true to this core belief. Shell Foundation have been proactive partners – not simply funders. They have helped foster relationships across the private and public sector that we, as a new manufacturer, could have never done alone.

We have also benefited from Shell Foundation’s presence on our Board of Directors, and from the mentorship and time of the staff that have diligently worked to help us grow the business. Our staff stand side-by-side working 24/7 to address whatever opportunities or challenges may arise.”

Pradeep Pursnani, Deputy Director, Shell Foundation

“Our initial partnership was focused on technology and finding a solution that was both affordable and aspirational – but it quickly became apparent that this was far from the real problem. We had to somehow create a global value chain.

Looking back, it took three hard years to test different approaches and find the right business model for Envirofit’s global scale-up. Having that common objective from the start was critical. We’ve been able to tailor our support to Envirofit’s most pressing business needs – whether operational, technical, strategic or at governance level to help them along and onto the next stage of their business.

Our work on the ground with Envirofit has enabled us to identify common barriers impeding the growth of the cookstoves sector. We’ve been able to co-create new market-enabling partners to remove these barriers with a focus on distribution, social marketing, supply chain finance, carbon trading and building the market infrastructure and regulation needed to support the growth of a viable global industry.”

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