Factor(E) Current Progress

Factor[E] was formally established in 2013 and has now developed its business model and value proposition to investees. The organisation has recruited a skilled team of energy scientists and business executives with extensive experience driving start-ups in every capacity, from technical advisors to investors to board members.

In partnership with the Energy Institute at CSU, Factor[E] has developed state-of-the-art R&D testing and incubation facilities devoted to solving a diverse array of energy problems. They are also able to access broad and deep expertise from CSU’s 160-strong Energy Institute faculty, reputed for ground-breaking innovation in energy, water, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Factor[E] has now reviewed over 50 opportunities and has made several initial investments, including:

  • Agoro: Biomass-based drop-in replacement for nitrogen fertilisers creating massive carbon savings and increasing farmer revenue.
  • Waste Enterprisers: a technology solution to treat faecal sludge from waste/water plants to be used as fuel for industrial uses. Factor[E] is de-risking the technology through the development of a pilot scale facility.
  • SparkMeter: a demand management solution suitable for mini-grids and central utilities. Their solution includes smart metering, 2-way communication and payment mechanisms. This allows mini-grids and utilities to personalise tariffs in a dynamic manner, manage demand, reduce theft and offer pay-as-you-use services.
  • Redavia: a containerised solution for deploying solar PV into existing diesel grids in remote areas. Factor[E]'s investment allows researchers at the Energy Institute to develop controls technology that will utilise micro-forecasting to achieve higher penetration of solar PV than is currently possible.

           Agora pilot plant                             SparkMeter soldering
Agora-plant-(1).jpg   sparkmeter-soldering-(1).jpg

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