Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves More Than Money

Radha Muthiah, Executive Director, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

rudha_muthiah_article.jpg“Shell Foundation helped to found the Alliance and forge its initial governance structure and working group process.

We’ve worked closely since inception, and Shell Foundation staff played an important early role to get us started.  This includes engagement on various steering committees, finance and investment working groups, and as part of our Advisory Council in our formative years.

As we move forward with our work to spur the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels in 100 million households by 2020, we see Shell Foundation as an important partner to inform consumer analysis, help with the scale-up of new models and technologies across the value chain and help develop standards and testing protocols for the sector.”

Pradeep Pursnani, Deputy Director, Shell Foundation

“We worked closely with the UN Foundation to develop a global organisation that could represent the cookstove sector, and play a role in setting standards, sharing information, leveraging resources and have convening power to shape future policy.

As part of forming the Alliance, we helped to formulate the organisation’s strategy and engaged with key stakeholders across the industry ranging from entrepreneurs, NGOs, governments and academics to validate the role they could play. We also seconded a full-time member of our staff over a period of two years to help set up the Alliance and deliver the strategy that continues to be in place today.

By the end of 2013 the Alliance had over 900 members and remains active in all key regions relevant for cookstoves. They have also established themselves as the key reference for the sector and are helping create a viable market for improved cookstoves and clean fuels."

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