GroFin Impact

As of October 2016, GroFin has supported over 800 businesses to create and maintain more than 18,000 sustainable jobs. A further 370,000 people have benefitted through impacts on households and indirect employment.

The majority of start-up and growing businesses that GroFin support provide vital goods and services, such as food, education, clean water, energy and financial access to low-income communities and contract local suppliers in these areas. As they grow, the quality and quantity of goods and services for economically vulnerable groups also improves.

  • More than half the jobs that GroFin investees create are held by unskilled and semi-skilled workers, almost unanimously at the base of the pyramid.
  • 34% of investees’ workforce is female
  • 16% of GroFin investees are start-up enterprises
  • Almost 80% of finance goes to growth and expansion of SGBs
  • Over 12,000 children are enrolled in schools supported by GroFin


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