Husk Achievements

Husk has successfully demonstrated the viability of their model to provide low-cost electricity to rural Indian and African communities and has transformed life for people in Bihar and beyond.

To date, Husk has provided electricity to over 15,000 homes and businesses in rural India and Tanzania, reducing over 70,000 tonnes of CO2. Their aim is to provide 30MW of power to 225,000 customers by 2020 and save 350,000 tonnes of CO2.


The business has established itself as a leader in decentralised off-grid energy with particular expertise in the field of rural distribution.

Their engineers have been able to reduce the cost per plant significantly and have developed new technologies such as cloud-based monitoring systems, low-voltage transformers and smart meters to manage mini-grids, optimise plant performance, prevent theft and ensure customer safety.


Husk Power University

At every power plant Husk train a local operator, electrician, fuel handler and fee collector to run operations and solve on-site problems. Finding skilled workers in rural areas has proven a major challenge and barrier to scale. In response, Husk launched “Husk Power University” – a bespoke training facility to offer technical and basic business knowledge to potential rural workers. 

Preparing for Scale

Husk has now scaled into Africa and has leveraged $12 million from a range of social venture capital firms including Acumen Fund, Bamboo Finance, OPIC and First Solar. 

Husk has provided electricity to 15,000 homes and businesses in rural India
Husk’s ground-breaking technology, cost-efficient production and ability to deliver affordable energy to rural communities in India’s poorest state has led to international accolades, including awards from Cisco and Draper Fisher Jurvetson in 2009 and the prestigious Ashden Award in 2011.  In 2015, Husk won the "Powering Agriculture" award which identified Husk's model as a sustainable approach to accelerating the deployment of clean energy solutions in developing countries.

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