IntelleGrow Impact

IntelleGrow has now supported more than 115 Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) working in high impact sectors to accelerate their growth and achieve lasting social and environmental impact.

Intellegrow-client-(1).jpgThese SMEs benefit low-income customers across high impact sectors such as energy, financial inclusion, healthcare, education, water and sanitation and agricultural supply chains.

  To-date enterprises in IntelleGrow portfolio have saved 326,000 tonnes carbon and impacted more than four million livelihoods across India. These enterprises are now on a fast growth trajectory and will deliver greater impact in years to come.  

IntelleGrow also tracks the level of leverage to assess its ability to unlock private capital in support of high-potential SMEs delivering social or environmental benefit. To-date IntelleGrow clients have secured an additional $39 million into their businesses.

The organisation has worked on a new impact measurement methodology, in participation with others such as the Indian Impact Investment Council (IIIC), to better evaluate the quantitative and qualitative impact created.

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