M-KOPA More Than Money

Jesse Moore, CEO, M-KOPA

jesse_moore_article.jpg“Shell Foundation was our first funder in 2010, when we were simply a concept and a couple of passionate entrepreneurs.

The most critical boost we've ever received was not the first cheque but the associated statement of belief from the Foundation’s team: "We believe you guys can make this work. We're in."

From the very beginning when we had 0 years, 0 customers, 0 employees and a first seed stage investment, right up to the present day, the ongoing support from Shell Foundation has continued at every stage with a familiar refrain: "Now what more can we do to help?"

This help has taken many forms, such as allocating significant time from their staff to help us shape our distribution strategy, seconding Shell corporate experts to advise on key business processes, to opening doors to new partnerships and investors around the globe. And after each next stage of support is through, we hear that same phrase: "Now what more can we do to help?"

I deeply value the Foundation’s commitment to supporting its partners and their long term commitment and approach – based on the knowledge that systemic market change and building a company to achieve this needs patience as it can take years.”

Simon Desjardins, Former Portfolio Director, Access to Energy

“M-KOPA was an idea on paper when we first met them, but we saw great potential in the idea and its entrepreneurs.

While the talented founders have been responsible for turning that idea into the rapidly scaling business, we have worked with the team across a range of business areas beyond funding to accelerate their pace of growth whilst systematically minimising chances of failure.

At an early stage, we supported M-KOPA by challenging their original business plan and helped them to identify and mitigate risks, as well as find stakeholders who could further support them to validate the initial concept. Today, our team is actively supporting M-KOPA’s expansion into new markets and the development of their product portfolio. We see this as a game-changing solution for enhancing access of rural communities to affordable energy products.”

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