Sangam Current Progress

Sangam Ventures and Shell Foundation are currently working together to create a new seed-stage energy fund in India to be scaled-up in 2016.

By 2020, Sangam aim to invest $50 million across 25 companies

The business has recruited a small team of experienced investment professionals who are building a pipeline of potential investments and have conducted market analysis on the energy sector to identify the critical market failures that prevent businesses serving low-income consumers.

The team have also built an advanced suite of business support tools to help early-stage entrepreneurs to embed systems and processes necessary to operate on a national scale and to build capacity in critical areas (such as finance, sales, marketing and HR).

Sangam has made initial investments in pioneering companies involved in biogas, thermal storage and cooling solutions and training for the energy industry. Support from Sangam has allowed these enterprises to hire teams, carry out pilots to attract their early customers and further develop their business model for scale.

They aim to invest $50 million across 25 companies by 2020 – improving 100 million livelihoods in India.

First Investments

Promethean Power Systems
k-Promethean-(2).jpgNearly $10 billion of agricultural produce is lost each year due to inadequate electricity and refrigeration. Promethean designs and manufactures rural refrigeration systems for commercial applications in rural and peri-urban areas, using a new energy-efficient “thermal” battery that uses fluids to chill food and dairy products, eliminating the need for expensive diesel-powered generators.

Excellent Renewable
Excellent Renewable are an energy company who aim to build and operate biogas power plants run on domestic, municipal and industrial waste that seek to supply low cost and reliable power to households and small and medium enterprises.


Sangam has identified the lack of skilled labour in rural off-grid villages as a major barrier preventing the viable installation and maintenance of off-grid power systems. In response they have co-created a new business with the founders of Anthropower to provide training and vocational courses to develop skills in the renewable energy sector.

  These three early-stage companies, all established in 2013, have to date improved over 56,000 livelihoods and saved 11,483 tonnes of CO2.  

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