Cumulative Impact

Our cumulative impact is achieved through the work of our various partners – all of which are in varying stages of incubation and scale-up. 

Since 2010, we have used four metrics to measure our overall developmental impact: jobs created and sustained, livelihoods improved, carbon reduction and leverage.  Of these, we recognise that “livelihoods improved” embraces a wide variety of different impacts, and we are currently seeking to better refine the way we measure and report the impact of our different programmes on their intended beneficiaries.

Each year we pre-define our projected impact targets and then report back to our Trustees on whether or not we are on track to meet these.  The key value of this is to facilitate knowledge and learning from our experience – rather than to use the KPIs as goals in themselves. 

In line with our business principles we commit to share this knowledge with others.


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