Partner Impact

From the outset we support our partners in defining a few key metrics specific to their own enterprise.  Wherever possible, we draw upon independent monitoring and evaluation to validate reported data.

Our partners track and measure a wide variety of development outcomes including:

  • low-income customers served, e.g. through product sales or bus ridership
  • environmental benefit, e.g. reductions in emissions or water usage
  • economic benefit, e.g. jobs created, earnings increase, money saved
  • social benefit, e.g. improved health or time saving
They also track progress to financial sustainability through monthly and quarterly financial reporting as well as performance ratios (such as subsidy per product sold).

Regularly tracking performance against projected targets helps us to better understand the overall business, respond quickly to unexpected challenges and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our support over time.

We share the impact generated by many of our social enterprise partners on their dedicated pages within this website.


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