D.light customers in their own words


SF have supported d.light since 2009, since when it has improved the livelihoods of more than 65 million people around the world through its mix of affordable solar products and Pay As You Go consumer financing models.

Below we hear from two d.light customers in Kenya on how the solar products have impacted their lives.

Charles Ogola Dago
Charles Ogola Dago’s home, in Kisumu County, Kenya, is not connected to grid electricity. Charles and his family rely on a d.light solar home system.

“I charge my phone, radio and torch. My children study with it. I can provide charge for my neighbours for free. At night l use the light to make ropes which l sell in the market.

Before l had a problem with my eyes, l used to feel pain. And my children were also complaining about their eyes.

The things I value most about my system are it means l am able to do my work at night, my children are studying for longer, and we can listen to news on the radio.”

Caroline Biwotte
Caroline lives in Nairobi with her husband and three children. All three of her children go to school and used to rely on a kerosene lamp for studying.

“The kerosene lantern produced a bad smell which caused coughing. The lantern would sometimes fall down and the glass break, so it was very dangerous for the children.

I liked the mode of payment. It is affordable especially for people who earn less like me.

[Now], the children are able to study for longer because I don't have to buy kerosene for them which was a challenge to get every day.

The d.light solar came at the right time because I was tired to see my children suffering. Sometimes I was forcing them to wake up early so that they can go to school and do their homework there because of lack of money to purchase kerosene.”

With our strategic partners, DFID and USAID we are currently working to help the d.light expand its operations into Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. Find out more.

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