d.light Launches $5 Solar Lantern

This month Shell Foundation partner d.light, launched their most affordable solar lantern yet.

The ‘A1’ (pictured) retails for $5 and will allow the business to radically improve the accessibility of their products by low-income families.

The A1 solar lantern is priced 40% lower than d.light’s most popular lantern, the S2, allowing them to reach a higher percentage of people earning less than $1.25 a day (currently over one billion people). 

“Our goal is to bring the A1 to every family that wants one, regardless of where they live. We look forward to working with our existing partners and opening new channels for large-scale distribution throughout the world.” said Sateesh Kumar, d.light’s Managing Director of Sales for Africa and Asia

With support from Shell Foundation and the UK Department for International Development, d.light has been able to catalyse innovation of new solar energy products. In 2013, they invested in a team of experienced designers and engineers to increase their product range to meet varied consumer’s needs and drive down costs. 

The A1 lantern provides more than four hours of bright light after a full day of solar charging and is powerful enough to light up an entire room. The lantern’s small and versatile design is ultra-portable and its flexible stand allows it to be placed on a desk, hung from a wall, or carried on the go. It is designed to survive years of daily use and is resistant to inclement weather and high impact.

To date, d.light has sold over 10 million solar products in 60 countries resulting in 50 million livelihoods improved. The affordability of the A1 lantern will significantly help d.light achieve its goal of providing energy to 100 million people by 2020.

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