Best SME Social Impact Award for GroFin

GroFin, the specialist SME backer that provides financing and business support to African and Middle Eastern SMEs, has won a Social Impact Finance Africa award at an event in London. 

The award was conferred by financial publication Capital Finance International ( following voting from their most prominent readers, subscribers and contributors such as the World Bank, IFC, various UN organisations and EU bodies.
“Shying away from quick-fix financial solutions, GroFin helps entrepreneurs gain insights into markets, explore opportunities and design strategic plans to sustain growth. Taking such a long-term view has allowed GroFin to nurture businesses towards entrepreneurial success," said the judging panel.
The panel also agreed that SMEs are the engines of economic growth and, as such, contribute significantly towards improved living conditions in low and middle-income countries.
Co-founded by Shell Foundation in 2004, by the end of 2016 GroFin has invested in 600 small businesses, supported more than 8,000 entrepreneurs and added US$700 million per annum of economic value.

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