Envirofit launches new cookstove in Kenya

Envirofit launched a new “institutional” stove this March to radically reduce fuel costs and kitchen air pollution for community service-providers such as schools, hospitals and prisons in Africa.

d-Envirofit-launchesclean-cookstove_l.jpgThe new stove (pictured) reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions by up to 90%, and cooking time by up to 60% compared with open fires.

Envirofit launched their latest product at the Makini School, Kenya’s leading primary school. The event was opened by US Ambassador, Robert Godec, and was attended by prominent head teachers and leading figures from the government and the private sector.

According to the World Food Programme, schools in Kenya who offer meals to students have a 28% higher enrolment. Yet cooking for several hundred people can be extremely dangerous for kitchen-workers due to the toxic fumes created when burning wood or charcoal, and high fuel costs (up to 50% of annual operating budgets) quickly burn a large hole in the school purse. Envirofit has now partnered with Equity Bank to help schools finance the purchase of the new stove.

“With the new institutional jiko (stove) we can cook a meal for 300 students with just three pieces of wood,” said Makini School’s Headmaster, Titus Ktoko. “The parents have seen how it consumes less firewood and many have decided they wanted stoves for their home too. We contacted Envirofit and they’ve been able to supply the community with household stoves as well.”  

With the new institutional stove, we can cook a meal for 300 students with just three pieces of wood

Titus Ktoko, Headmaster, Makini School

The institutional stove is the latest offering from Envirofit as they continue to design a range of clean cooking solutions to meet different market needs in Africa, Asia and Latin America – and our partnership to create a global clean cookstoves business has now benefitted 4.25 million people worldwide.

Kenya is the first country in which Envirofit will offer the institutional stove to schools and other community services such as hospitals and prisons – and the business has received a wave of interest from government, industry associations and institutions.

Envirofit expect to install 1000 stoves in Kenya by 2015 and to make the product available across Africa later that year.

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