SFC convenes experts to catalyse leadership in sustainable freight

Sophie-Punte-with-lorries-(1).jpgEarlier this year, Shell Foundation partner Smart Freight Center a catalytic global freight institution hosted a roundtable in Leipzig, Germany to discuss leadership in the sustainable freight sector.

The event was attended by 40 senior level executives including representatives from the freight industry, government bodies and the investment community.

With input from the roundtable participants, Smart Freight Center identified key areas that would help foster more smart freight leaders such as setting
 emission reduction targets for the freight and logistics sector, identifying priority technologies and measures that are impactful and scaleable, and bringing industry together to articulate the support needed from government.

Globally, freight movements contribute disproportionately to fuel use, CO2 emissions and air pollution. In India, for example, only 5% of vehicles are trucks, yet these generate roughly 60% of transport emissions. 
While many companies are striving to deliver materials and products across the globe in the most cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable way it is not easy.  However there are a number of innovative business leaders that driving their organisation towards greater sustainability.
Sophie Punte, Executive Director of Smart Freight Center (pictured) said: “it is clear we need more business leaders…a  fragmented sector involving thousands of shippers, logistic service providers and carriers, spanning different modes and global regions doesn’t make this an easy task.” 
During the event, business leaders shared examples of strategies implemented in their organisations to reduce CO2 emissions, and defined Smart Freight leadership as setting targets, implementing action and disclosing emission impacts.  It was also recognised that leadership also meant collaboration between key players in the logistics supply chain to deliver significant emission reduction.
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