Pay-as-you-go Solar TV

SF partner M-KOPA Solar has providing consumer financing to for 30,000 customers to purchase TVs on a pay-as-you-go basis.
In February, M-KOPA launched their 16-inch TV that is powered by a solar cell to customers that have already bought a solar lamp, torch or radio. Building on their model for pay-as-you-go solar home systems, M-KOPA’s customers pay a deposit of around US$30 for the TV that retails at $350, and through their mobile phone make small installments over 40 days.
The TV has an in-built digital decoder, GoTV aerial that allows it to access 64 channels and is more reliable.
Jesse Oenga, Chief Commercial Officer at M-KOPA Solar said “TV ownership is a dream come true for most of our customers. Our research data told us that 80% of them had never envisioned owning a TV before we launched our pay-as-you-go package.” 
For those that have a TV the impact of power outages impacts the customers’ experience. Janet an M-KOPA customer that bought a solar package of two lights, a torch and a radio said “I have a TV already but the grid is so unreliable that we have hours of time when we cannot use it. The solar TV is a perfect solution”.
Traditionally, people living off grid have had to walk long distances to the nearest shopping centres to watch TV at a cost. This has hindered the majority of the population, especially women and children, from accessing information first hand.
However, M-KOPA’s innovative approach is now making TV ownership accessible to a higher percentage of lower income consumers that often don’t have the finances to buy a TV.

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