d.light sells 120,000 solar home system units in 6 months

SF partner and solar power solutions provider d.light has sold 120,000 of its D30 PayGo Solar Home System since its launch in October last year, making it the fastest pay-as-you-go off-grid solar product to reach scale.

The system operates like a personal power grid for homes and small businesses for off-grid - or poorly connected - low income communities and includes a solar panel, phone charger, lights, light switches, a torch and an FM radio. And payments are low.  For example in Kenya, customers pay an initial $25 and then 40 cents a day for a year on an interest-free basis. Once payment is received - via a variety of mobile money platforms - the unit is unlocked to produce power and remains so as long as payments are made on time. Once paid in full, the system is unlocked for good, meaning customers own it outright. 
“We’ve been thrilled to see how quickly our customers have migrated with d.light from solar lanterns to our larger Pay-Go systems, and we are extremely grateful to our many partners who have helped us bring clean, safe and reliable solar power connectivity to families without, or with little, access to the grid,” said d.light CEO Ned Tozun.
d.light are currently registering 800 new households a day and the product is available in 1,500 outlets. This however represents only around 10% of d.light’s total distribution network, so there is significant room for additional growth and expansion. 
“With the highest number of daily unit sales and impact of any off-grid solar company, we have been able to leverage our base of over 65 million d.light customers, as well as our existing distribution networks on the ground, enabling families to move from small task lights and lanterns to the grid-like experience of our solar home systems", continued Ned. "And, this is just the beginning. We will be continuing to bring exciting innovations to the space to grow the market further and reach even more people.” 

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