Nomou 2016 Impact Report

 When Shell Foundation co-founded the Nomou Programme with GroFin in 2012, it was in the belief that the ‘integrated solution’ practised by GroFin since 2004 could be adapted successfully for SGB markets across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
The Programme’s impressive performance, working in some of the most challenging socio-economic and political environments in the world, is a significant achievement. All parts of the business are demonstrating progress, with significant deals being made in Jordan, Oman, Egypt and Iraq, proving that the model, delivered through strong local teams, can deliver impact in varying country contexts.
Research shows that SGBs generate two thirds of employment in developing countries and more than half the annual economic growth. Investing in this sector is therefore crucial in bringing about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Nomou has sustained a total of over 4,500 direct jobs by end-2016, showing that it is making a growing and substantial contribution to tackling this critical development and economic challenge.
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