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Sustainable Mobility lies at the heart of thriving societies

The ability to move people efficiently and transport goods between locations has emerged as a fundamental development challenge, and is something SF has been working to address since we were established.

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Disproportionate suffering…

In rural and urban environments globally, low-income communities suffer disproportionately from little or no access to public transport and separation from employment opportunities and essential services.

In making long and complicated journeys to work each day they suffer most from health issues caused by air pollution, and are more exposed to traffic accidents and safety concerns.

Add to the mix urbanisation – Africa’s urban population is set to triple between now and 2050; India’s is predicted to increase from 340 million to 590 million people between 2008 and 2030 – rapid population growth and increased vehicle ownership rates and these trends are forecast to accelerate in the coming years.

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Our Approach

SF looks at how new technologies, businesses and non-profit institutions can enable urban, rural and global freight services to drive development. These include:

  • Digital platforms to coordinate vehicles or routes
  • New services and models that connect isolated communities
  • Standardised measurement methodologies on emissions
  • Public/Private relationships to incentivise infrastructure planning

Shell Foundation gave us the opportunity to increase the momentum of our technology to grow more faster and implement a true impact driven solution to urban transport.”

Ricardo Martínez

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Access to Energy

We also work to improve access to affordable and reliable energy products and services for low-income consumers.

Why Energy?