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M-KOPA Labs off-grid R&D brings whole new grid classifications

African lady shining solar torch through window opening

Shell Foundation has supported M-KOPA since 2011 to establish its solar and mobile technology solution and to provide affordable, clean and bright energy to off-grid villages in East Africa.

In 2016, M-KOPA Labs was established to accelerate the company’s ability to produce innovative, larger capacity appliances capable of interfacing with off-grid energy.

In developing new devices with SF and USAID support, M-KOPA has also been able to explore and uncover additional understanding of its markets and the energy-use of existing and future off-grid customers.

In this ‘Lessons Learnt’ report (PDF 370KB), M-KOPA share some of the key findings from their latest R&D, including how they are segmenting customers to match different power needs and grid availability, and ways to accelerate provision of off-grid energy appliances.