Portfolio Learning

Shortlist – Hiring for Equity in Clean Energy

Shell Foundation partner Shortlist recently released a report examining gender representation in the East African energy sector and uncovering how SMEs can attract, retain and advance female talent in digital roles.

Shortlist – also supported by our partnership with FCDO – has been a portfolio partner since 2016 and uses technology to identify top talent for junior to mid-level roles. The equitable hiring process has facilitated an 80% hire success rate in Indian and African markets. The platform has enabled access for local candidates to find meaningful employment in the energy sector, thus benefiting low-income consumers in frontier markets with poverty-alleviating access to energy.

The report, developed in partnership with Open Capital Advisors, looks at three elements of the ecosystem:

  1. How gender-diverse companies generate more revenue
  2. The digital talent demand in energy companies
  3. The supply shortages, particularly amongst women

The report presents actionable, low cost steps that companies can take to attract and retain women. Highlights include how analysing location and time-based flexibility is a key benefit and retention strategy for women.

Interestingly, the report expands on how advanced digital skills are becoming critical to business success. Noting that diverse and gender inclusive energy companies also generate higher success rates.

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