Ashden Awards 2019 recognises two Shell Foundation Partners

SF partners and SMV Green have both been recognised by the prestigious Ashden Awards 2019. was presented with the Clean Cooking Award for its work to bring clean biogas to farmers in Latin America, Africa and India.  Its innovative and affordable biogas system turns animal waste into clean and odourless cooking fuel whilst producing a powerful organic fertiliser.

Today, more than 7,000 farms around the world use’s biofuel technology.

SMV Green won the Sustainable Mobility Award for its work in India, providing affordable, clean and safe mobility for both drivers and commuters.  SMV’s ‘one-stop-shop’ not only supplies electric rickshaws, but provides financing, licensing and permits, money management training, road safety training and after-sales service.

SMV is also training India’s first women e-rickshaw drivers, creating secure incomes for them and improving the safety and security of female passengers.

Congratulations to both of them for this huge honour.

 Ashden Awards were founded in 2001.  Ashden has rewarded 215 enterprises around the world which so far have collectively improved the lives of some 88 million people, saving more than 13 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year (