Fraym – Machine learning to identify high-risk Covid-19 populations 

As countries around the world race to prevent and mitigate the effects of Covid-19, data on populations such as their health characteristics, livelihoods and location may prove to be invaluable for response efforts.

SF partner Fraym’s  data on population characteristics is really useful for mapping likely risk of Covid-19 in Africa and elsewhere. The data also helps to map the likely secondary effects of the pandemic such as where livelihoods will be affected the most and where people already suffering from hunger may likely be even harder hit.

Because of this, Fraym has been making data freely available to organisations who can use their risk maps to support the pandemic response – including public health organisations, governments, NGOs and private companies.

Fraym has also been collaborating with fellow SF partners like Odyssey to make this data available to energy sector users.

As we all adapt to the new working conditions brought on by Covid-19, it is encouraging to see the amazing response of so many of our partners.

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