GroFin honoured by awards in Ghana and Nigeria

SF partner and pioneering private development finance institution GroFin, has won a Gold Award in the Financial Services (SME Development) category Ghana-Africa Business Awards after winning the same award in 2015.  The award was given in recognition of GroFin’s outstanding contribution to the development of Ghana.

As well as this, GroFin won the Outstanding Healthcare Project-Friendly Financial Institution of the Year Award at the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Awards recognising banks and financial institutions that have created an inclusive innovative financing model for healthcare entrepreneurs or healthcare SMEs.

SMEs are a key driver of job creation and economic growth in developing economies, but the potential of many of these businesses remains constrained by a lack of access to finance and high failure rates. GroFin helps entrepreneurs to overcome this by offering a combination of finance and expert advice and business support that improves their ability to manage the complexity of a growing business.

You can read more about the awards and the latest news and updates from GroFin in GroFin Connect.