How SMV Green Solutions is addressing C-19

SMV Green Solutions (SMV) has been an SF partner since 2015 and works to provide safe, clean and affordable sustainable mobility solutions. Through its “Project Vahini” programme – supported by the UK Government – SMV also promotes gender inclusion and has so far helped over 70 women e-rickshaw drivers become owners of their own vehicle.

The C-19 pandemic has proved particularly challenging to marginalised women.  To help them continue to drive and therefore earn an income during lockdown, SMV provided each Vahini member with a free parking space in SMV’s office area.  This had the added bonus of providing free vehicle charging.

See how we are supporting our portfolio to safeguard vulnerable populations.

As well as this, with the support of the local government in Delhi, SMV distributed food and milk parcels to women drivers which ensured food security during working hours and again, helped the women to save money.

Information about which routes were open was also proving difficult during lockdown, so SMV ensured their drivers were regularly updated on where they could drive without any problems.

Another of SF’s partners who has met the Covid-19 challenge head-on with practical solutions.