SafeBoda delivers contraceptives during lockdown

man on SafeBoda bike fro rear

The BBC recently featured a video about Shell Foundation’s partner SafeBoda’s partnership with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA*) to provide contraception to those in need in Uganda.

More than 760 million people globally live in extreme poverty and sexual and reproductive health problems are a leading cause of death and disability for women in the developing world. Young people especially carry the highest risks of HIV infection and unintended pregnancy.

There are many facets to the issues caused by Covid-19 and this is one that many of us may not have thought of, but Uganda’s lockdown measures have made it hard for many people to access family planning products. The UNFPA partnership means that customers can use the SafeBoda app to find local pharmacies which then match their needs with a driver who collects the items from the pharmacy and delivers them to the customer.

Another way in which our partners are diversifying during these challenge times.


*The UNFPA is the UN’s sexual and reproductive health agency –