SF alumni Redavia offering six months’ free business solar

Solar farm

Redavia’s Covid-19 Resilience Lease is providing free solar to businesses in Ghana and Kenya.

Reliable, cost-effective, and clean solar power remains a vital necessity for businesses, especially during this difficult time of economic uncertainty.

Redavia, who we supported between 2014-2019 with co-funding from the UK government, designs, manufactures, deploys and maintains mobile solar farms, enabling a supply of power for multiple sector needs.

Redavia’s new concessionary solar power programme – the Covid-19 Resilience Lease – is lessening the disruption that Covid-19 has caused many African businesses.

The programme provides free solar power plants to business customers, for six months, in what has quickly become a critical system to ensure businesses get through this crisis successfully.

At the end of the six months, customers can choose to roll-over the lease into a regular Redavia solar plant lease or request them to re-deploy the plant.

‘‘Redavia understands the economic implications of this pandemic,” said Redavia CEO Erwin Spolders. “We pledge to be a true friend to our business partners in this time of need.”

In such unprecedented times it is reassuring to see how businesses are adapting quickly, placing the unique needs of their business customers at the forefront of their resilience responses and strategies.