Smart Freight Centre – Annual Report 2020

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is a leading voice globally for the logistics community, bringing together multinational companies to improve efficiencies and reduce CO²e emissions.

In their 2020 Annual Report SFC puts ‘freight in the limelight’ and reflects on the significant impact made across the global logistics community. Since its inception, more than 100 multinationals use SFC’s Global Logistics Framework to disclose their logistics emissions.

Shell Foundation co-founded SFC in 2013 and have supported them in developing a strategy and growing their European head office and expanded presence in Asia and the Americas. SFC now has staff and operations across these geographies.

In the report, SFC expands on their goal to have 100+ multinationals reduce at least 30% of logistics emissions by 2030. Efforts to reach this goal are well underway, as 17 multinationals have developed or are developing Sustainable Logistics Roadmaps towards net-zero emissions by 2050.

To access their latest report with more information on how SFC are leading the way to efficient and zero emission freight and logistics read the full report.

SFC Annual Report 2020