Three SF Partners support the Safe Hands Kenya Initiative against Covid-19

Three Shell Foundation partners have pledged their support to a Covid-19 relief initiative across Kenya.

The mission-driven alliance, ‘Safe Hands Kenya’ has mobilised the collaboration of tech firms, input suppliers, manufactures, behaviour change experts and distribution specialists, to ensure that every Kenyan has access to vital health products, including hand sanitiser, soap, face masks and surface disinfectants.

This large-scale distribution initiative to serve Kenya’s communities has proven to be an invaluable first line of defence against Covid-19.

SF partners that have joined the initiative include:

DFID and USAID logos

  • Household energy provider M-KOPA, who we have supported with joint funding from USAID and the UK Government since 2011
  • East African motorcycle taxi service, SafeBoda, an SF Mobility partner since 2015
  • Twiga, a B4B food distribution company building fairer markets for farmers, and SF partner since 2017 with joint funding from the UK government.

Access to free products such as hand sanitiser and soap significantly lower the risks of the virus rapidly spreading, especially for communities that live in close proximity and lack access to water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

It is great to see how SF partners are using their resources to support initiatives that fight against the global pandemic.