Uganda Off-Grid Market Accelerator release 2018 Annual Report

Overhead image of solar plant and African village in background

The Uganda Off-Grid Energy Market Accelerator (UOMA) is a neutral intermediary focused on accelerating the growth of off-grid energy access in Uganda to enable universal energy access.

DFID and USAID logos

SF co-created UOMA in 2017 in partnership with USAID, Power Africa and the UK Government, to be implemented by Open Capital Advisors, a management consultancy headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with extensive experience of working with enterprises in the off-grid sector and building markets.

In their 2018 Annual Report, UOMA presents the impact highlights and progress across initiatives in its second year, as they further establish itself as a credible entity and central stakeholder in the scaling of off-grid energy access in Uganda.


Download the full report (2mb, pdf)