Waterbus granted “essential service” status during Covid-19 pandemic

Access to goods and services is a constant challenge for rural communities in Africa and Asia. These challenges have been exacerbated further by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Waterbus builds and operates catamaran ferries for safe and affordable transport of passengers and goods, linking islands on Lake Victoria to the Kenyan mainland.

Although rural Kenya is not on lockdown at present, Waterbus has now been granted “essential service” status by both the local government in Kenya and Red Cross. This means that if and when the lockdown extends to rural areas, Waterbus is prepared to support with distribution and as well as this, is already transporting all health workers for free.

There are approximately 34,000 vulnerable people living in the island communities of Lake Victoria.  By gaining “essential service” status, Waterbus can continue to support these communities as well as support the relief effort in Kenya.

Waterbus has been a Shell Foundation partner since 2016 and their ferries – designed and constructed in Kenya – are fast, comfortable, reliable and safe with efficient fuel consumption, and provide regular and improved access to trade, education and healthcare for the isolated communities.