Shell Foundation appoints new CEO

The Board of Shell Foundation is pleased to announce it has appointed a new CEO to lead its next stage of development and growth.

Jonathan Berman will bring relevant experience from a rich career history. He has consulted frontier market enterprises in several sectors, invested – personally and as part of a private partnership of senior executives – in emerging market digital technology, and supported socially impactful initiatives for corporates and NGOs.  Jonathan will assume the role in April.

“Enabling every person to access energy (SDG7) while we all transition to clean energy (SDG13) is entirely viable.  In practice, the two goals can only be achieved together,” said Jonathan.  “To meet that challenge we need humility, daring and urgency.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to join with the talented team at Shell Foundation and with our partners in this decisive decade to bring clean power to all.”

“Jonathan’s experience, intelligence, and passion for the SF model of delivering impact through business solutions shone through the interview process,” said Gail Klintworth, Chair of the Shell Foundation Board. “The Board of Trustees believe he is an outstanding new CEO to build on the success Sam Parker and the team have delivered in recent years and drive Shell Foundation to even greater heights, and we are excited to support him wherever we can.”


About the Shell Foundation

Shell Foundation (SF) is a UK-registered charity established in 2000 that creates and scales business solutions to enhance access to sustainable energy and transport. We exist to serve the low-income communities most affected by these issues.

We provide capital and counsel to enterprises and ecosystems capable of delivering positive change at scale via disruptive technologies or business models without long-term reliance on charitable support or subsidy. To date our work has improved the livelihoods of more than 215m people.