At Shell Foundation we measure both our own performance as well as our enterprises’ progress towards sustainability and large-scale impact.

Portfolio Impact

Shell Foundation’s cumulative impact is achieved through the work of all the various enterprises in our portfolio, and calculated using a comprehensive set of indicators that feed into aggregate numbers.   

We track and measure changes in performance against pre-defined milestones and targets, which allows for a meaningful analysis of the drivers of impact.

We measure our overall developmental impact by four broad metrics.

$8.45 bn
Carbon Reductions
48.15 m/tonnes
Jobs Supported
Livelihoods Improved
193.7 m
Development outcomes graph showing subsidy per impact

We work with all our enterprises in defining a few key metrics specific to their own business, including:

  • Low-income customers served, e.g. through product sales or passenger journeys
  • Environmental benefit, e.g. reduced emissions or water usage
  • Economic benefit, e.g. jobs created, earnings increased, money saved
  • Social benefit, e.g. improved health or time saving

They also track progress to financial sustainability through monthly and quarterly financial reporting as well as performance ratios (such as subsidy per product sold).