The continued investment case for mobility start-ups

A line of motorbike taxi drivers wait at traffic lights at a city junction

The mobility service sector has been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 crisis, with extended lockdowns preventing businesses providing transport of people and goods.

A new article published on The City Fix website however, demonstrates the opportunities contained within mobility start-ups’ business pivots and highlights the increased understanding of the value of more resilient, cleaner, efficient transport.

The article was produced by research analysts from long-term Shell Foundation partner WRI, Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, and Natalie Wong, Shell Foundation Business Development Advisor, and looks at the potential of electric vehicles in emerging markets as well improvement in regulating  informal sectors and improving road safety.

Why is Mobility important?

Like many sectors, the future for start-ups and companies working in the mobility space is challenging, but as this new article argues, investments in the space have the potential to bring huge returns on jobs and economic activity.

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