Our Incubator programme is focused on identifying potential game-changers: pioneers of
brand new categories of products and services that deliver social and environmental benefit to low-income consumers.

We proactively seek to identify possible solutions to address market failures that underpin global development challenges and use our networks to find possible entrepreneurial partners with whom to test new ideas. The aim is to uncover new market-based solutions that can earn income, achieve financial independence and deliver significant impact on a global scale.

Our approach is to run pilots to access the viability of business models, demonstrate technology and look for evidence of market demand. We take early-stage risk to validate and develop the most promising solutions.

We carefully select a small number of partners with:

  • a proven track-record in emerging markets
  • entrepreneurial flair
  • a shared vision for scale and sustainability
  • the necessary management skills and expertise to build a global business.
All of our partners share early-stage risk and are solely focused on this work.



Absolute Energy works with local regulators to tackle the policy and financing challenges that off-grid utility providers face in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. By helping to secure long-term site concessions from local authorities, Absolute Energy helps make utility operations more financially viable for providers, customers and investors.

Anthropower uses classroom and web-based resources to offer low-cost, specialised learning content and continuous assessment for the Indian off-grid energy sector. They are creating a fast and affordable way for companies and training institutions to develop and deploy a skilled technical workforce. 
  Bussi combines a fleet of high-spec minibuses with crowdsourced route planning technology to provide a new commuter service for megacities, providing a safer, quicker and more efficient service for commuters, whilst also reducing the total number of vehicles on the road and lowering CO2 emissions.
China Impact Ventures identifies high-potential energy start-ups that address China’s energy and environmental challenges, going on to provide investment and support to help entrepreneurs validate, pilot and develop sustainable and scaleable enterprises.  
CrossBoundary Energy invests, builds and operates commercial and industrial solar installations, whilst also providing long-term purchase agreements in order to help supply cleaner and cheaper solar energy to businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. 
Energy Private Developers (EPD) is a Rwandan market accelerator that identifies local access to energy barriers around distribution, consumer awareness, investor relations, access to finance and policy and regulation, and supports a range of innovative solutions to address those barriers. 
Globology builds and operates safe and affordable catamaran ferries, linking the isolated residents of Lake Victoria’s islands to mainland towns and services. 
InfiCold designs and manufactures affordable cold storage units to under-served customers in India. The units use thermal energy to provide uninterrupted, efficient and low-cost cooling systems that can be retrofitted to existing cold rooms and dramatically reduce post-harvest losses for farmers. 
Lendenable use a data analytics platform and credit risk technology to unlock large-scale bank lending for SMEs working on energy, mobility and women-led enterprises in emerging markets, providing financiers with accurate information in a transparent way enables quicker underwriting and better capital flow. 
Rent to Own provides asset financing that enables small-scale farmers and low-income clients in rural Africa to purchase and benefit from products that generate income, savings and other impact such as refrigerators, hammer mills and irrigation pumps. 
Shortlist impartially identifies job candidates’ relevant skills and attributes through real-time exercises, rather than traditional CV-based assessments, in order to help the recruitment process for SMEs working in India and Africa. 
Sun Culture designs and manufactures low-cost solar water pumps and irrigation systems, and provides innovative financing solutions to reach smallholder farmers in East Africa. 
SureChill uses innovative thermal battery technology to store energy for refrigeration; units can maintain an optimum temperature of 4°C for 10 days without power, which makes them well suited to address cold storage issues facing households and businesses in the developing world. 

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