Indian lady sitting cross legged with child on lap cooking on Envirofit stove

Focus Areas

Shell Foundation creates and scales business solutions to two major global development challenges: access to energy and sustainable mobility.
Our geographical focus is on Africa and Asia, where issues such as access to energy and mobility are major obstacles to sustainable development.

We work to improve access to affordable and reliable energy products and services for low-income consumers in three areas:

  • Households, that rely on energy to meet basic needs such as cooking, heating and lighting
  • Energy for Business, where energy is needed to improve productivity and generate income for smallholder farmers and rural enterprises
  • Off-Grid Utilities, integrating services of power generation, management and usage at levels suitable for productive or commercial application, in areas where national grids do not yet reach

We support more sustainable ways to move people and goods, focusing on three themes:

  • Improving the safety, affordability, reliability, and inclusiveness of Urban Mobility services
  • Rural Mobility solutions, connecting isolated communities with goods and services
  • Cleaner, affordable and more efficient Global Freight movements