Customer Focus

At Shell Foundation we ground our work in real people, focusing on three core customer groups: smallholder farmers, urban transporters and microentrepreneurs. These three segments represent the largest number of people whose income can be materially increased through clean energy.

We support enterprises and institutions working to provide income-generating energy products and services suitable for three customer groups:

Urban Transporters

Movers of people and goods who aspire to transition from diesel or petrol to electric vehicles. Incomes can increase by as much as 35% by shifting from ICE to EV.

Image of a man inside a poly tent where crops are growing

Smallholder Farmers

Those moving from subsistence to commercial farming on <5 acres land, who can achieve a living income when they can produce efficiently and get produce to market in good condition.


Urban, peri-urban and rural micro-enterprise owners engaged in the small-scale provision of goods and services. Reliable power can contribute to longer opening hours, lower costs, with net income increase potential of up to 50%.


Shell Foundation supports the growth of gender-inclusive businesses that equitably enhance access to energy and transport to alleviate poverty, in the believe that equitable access makes businesses and our global society stronger.

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