d.light empowers 50 million lives with clean, affordable solar energy products

Shell Foundation partner, d.light, has announced they have empowered 50 million lives in over 62 countries and saved four million tonnes of CO2 with their affordable solar energy solutions.

d-light-ladies-Shell-Foundation-Access-to-Energy.jpgd.light is a social enterprise that designs, manufactures and distributes affordable solar power products to low-income households and small businesses in the developing world.

Since their founding in 2006, d.light has rapidly scaled their business and sold over 10 million award-winning solar lanterns and solar home systems.  

“d.light is proving that social enterprises can scale and spark the kind of change needed to solve some of the world’s biggest problems,” said Ned Tozun, CEO and co-founder of d.light.

With their range of solar products, from desk lights and portable lanterns to solar home systems that power radios and mobile phones  - d.light solutions are providing high quality light and cost savings to households, farms and small businesses. 

Their products have saved consumers $1.7 billion in energy expenditure and reached 12 million school children– improving their ability to study in the evenings. 

According to the World Bank’s Programme ‘Lighting Global’, d.light has been listed as the leading solar lantern manufacturer. 

 “When we first pitched the business to investors, we were told that what we were trying to do was impossible. Our customers, employees and partners have proven that our business model of providing high quality solar products to off-grid families is not only possible, but it is serving a true market need across the globe.” said Tozun.

More than one billion people lack access to electricity in the developing world, and an additional billion have unreliable power.  Without a clean, affordable and reliable alternative, low income consumers are using traditional fuels to meet their lighting needs. 

It is estimated over a million people die each year from burns and indoor air pollution, and many families lose their possessions and homes to fires. However, solar lighting provides an affordable solution to kerosene, providing clean, safe and affordable energy. 

 “50 Million is a great achievement, but it is only the beginning,” said Sam Goldman, Co-founder and Board member. “In the coming months, we will announce a game-changing product that will empower the next 50 million in just three years. Stay tuned.”

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