Freight Leadership Report

The “Smart Freight Leadership” report, published by the Smart Freight Centre outlines the competitive advantage that 'smarter’, low-carbon freight solutions offer. The report, aimed at business leaders, focuses on five key behaviours required for a more efficient freight and logistics sector that combines greater competitiveness and environmental sustainability.  
Smart Freight Centre’s Five Core Leadership Behaviours:
  1. Measure, report and verify emissions
  2. Set KPIs and ambitious emission-reduction targets
  3. Develop and implement an action plan
  4. Collaborate with other leaders to mobilise industry-wide action
  5. Engage proactively in government policy development
CO2 emissions from freight are set to rise 76% between 2015 and 2050 – and account for about 7% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. Yet meeting the Paris Climate Agreement targets requires a reduction in emissions of 20-65% (depending on whether you follow a 2 degree or 1.5 degree scenario).
Smart Freight Centre seeks to enable businesses to find, adopt, scale and measure low-emission solutions that can help the sector meet this target, in collaboration with government and NGO partners.
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