Sustainable Mobility

Providing more affordable, inclusive and safer movement of people and goods, with less impact on the climate, has emerged as a fundamental development challenge, and is something SF has been working to address since we were established.

Image of bus in Dar Es Salaam

How we approach sustainable mobility

SF looks at how new technologies, businesses and non-profit institutions can enable urban and rural services to expand affordable access and cleaner mobility solutions for low-income communities. These include but are not limited to:

  • Digital platforms to coordinate vehicles or routes
  • New services and models that connect isolated communities
  • Standardised measurement methodologies on emissions
  • Public/Private relationships to incentivise infrastructure planning
strategic partnership


  • Three-year co-funding partnership founded by SF and the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office
  • Developing ecosystems that accelerate the market led adoption of e-motorcycles and e-vehicles in Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda