Electricity unit with text printed saying: Advancing off-grid electrification in combating covid-19

Innovation in times of adversity: how SF and our portfolio is responding to Covid-19

Shell Foundation and its partners are working to maintain essential energy and transport services for low-income communities in Africa and Asia during the Covid-19 crisis, and to support national healthcare and resilience efforts.

The SF response

At Shell Foundation we are taking a number of steps at enterprise, sector and national level to support Covid-19 responses, including:

  • Deploying business resilience funding and additional non-financial support for portfolio partners
  • Capturing evidence to show how enterprises who deliver decentralised renewable energy and modern transport services can contribute toward national Covid-19 resilience efforts
  • Providing first-loss funding to a sector relief vehicle that can make low-cost capital available to off-grid energy providers affected by Covid-19
  • Delivering a steady flow of market insight to donors, policy-makers and social investors in the energy and health sectors to inform their decisions
  • Commissioning research to understand the implications of Covid-19 on SDG7 and highlight opportunities for effective interventions
  • Supporting our Partners to ensure safeguarding remains a priority at a time where risks are heightened